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National Seminar on Research Funding
Seminar on: Challenges & Opportunities of Research & Research Funding in Colleges
Date: 17-18 January, 2014
Venue : MIM Hall, Smt.Chandibai Himathmal Mansukhani College Ulhasnagar-3
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PGRD @ a Glance
Chairperson: Dr Sharada Vaidya
Name of Unit: Post Graduate Studies and Research & Development Committee.
Date of Establishment: 2002-2003
Concept Note on the committee: Development of the research potential among teachers 
Composition of Committee
Core Working Committee Members:
  • Dr Bela Nabar
  • Dr Sheela Ahuja
  • Dr Pratima Das
  • Dr Yogini Bhambardekar
  • Prof Rithika Sachdev
  • Dr Neena Anand
  • Dr Raghav Misra
  • Prof Neelam Parab (Junior college)


To mobilize teachers for continuous application for research funds from various funding agencies

To arrange regular research presentations  by teachers, students

To motivate teachers to go for higher education. 

To help  Departments in getting recognition for Research.

To assist in Ph.D admissions procedures in college

To help in coordination of  seminars, conferences and workshops by different departments.



Also View:   Annual Report